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Pedro St. James, Grand Cayman

One of the East End's newest attractions is also its oldest. Pedro St. James Restoration Site, an 18th-century great house, has undergone complete renovation and today is a popular tourist site (and also hosts many local weddings on its beautiful lawn.) Called Pedro Castle, the historic structure is located in the community of Savannah, east of George Town.

Pedro Castle is the oldest known stone structure in the Cayman Islands, constructed in the late 18th century as a great house for William Eden, an early settler.

It's real claim to fame came in 1831 when the house was the site for an historic meeting. Here residents decided that the five districts should have representation in the government, later giving the site its nickname as the "Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands." Four years later, a proclamation declaring the emancipation of all slaves was read at Pedro Castle and several other sites in the islands.

After a look at the house, save time for a walk around the grounds. The site sits atop the 30-foot Great Pedro Bluff. For the past several years, historic research into the site has been conducted.

We have visited Pedro St. James several times and each time come away with some new knowledge. The operation is very well done and this attraction is highly recommended, especially for visitors who are making their second trip to the Cayman Islands and would like to learn more about the island's history. Visitors start off with an excellent multi-media show with 3-D dioramas that provides a history of the house that captivates children. From the show, visitors can take a self-guided tour of the house then walk the grounds which includes several extensive walking paths, native plants, and beautiful seaviews.

Location: Savannah

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