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The Heritage Cafe, Grand Cayman

Sometimes a bad situation can turn good and that's just what happened to us one day up in West Bay. After a day of touring the island, our rental car decided to die on a sunday afternoon up in quiet west bay. Dead as a rock, the car refused to start. Nice West Bay. residents offered us the use of their telephone and we waited for the delivery of a new rental car from George Town. We knew we had an hour's wait ahead of us.

So we set out walking. Strolling up Boggy Sand Road, one of the prettiest streets on Grand Cayman, we found the Heritage Cafe and our problem of killing an hour was solved.

This blue building houses a kitchen that produces some of the most genuine Caymanian dishes found on the island. Grab a picnic table and order kingfish, fish tea, and other local favorites.

The hours here are limited: Fridays 2pm-2am, Saturday 9am-1am, Sunday 9am-4pm. Ultra casual.

Location: Boggy Sand Road, West Bay
Price Range: Inexpensive

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Photo courtesy Cayman Dept. of Tourism

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