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Hell, Grand Cayman

Ready to go to Hell? Well, here it is, just north of Seven Mile Beach. This odd attraction is actually a community named Hell. There's more than one tale behind this strange moniker; one says an English commissioner went hunting in the area, shot at a bird, missed, and said "Oh, hell."

Others say the name comes from devilishly pointed rocks near town. These rocks are a bed of limestone and dolomite that over the course of millions of years eroded into a sharp, pocked formation locally called ironshore. The rocks are so sharp they've long been avoided by local residents although today you can walk on a boardwalk for a closeup view of the formations.

Why visit Hell? To be honest, there's not a lot of reason. Many travelers like to mail postcards from the Hell Post Office. Didn't bring a postcard from your hotel? Have no fear; you'll find three shops adjacent to the post office with plenty of devilish post cards. The Devil's Hangout Gift Shop (open daily) is the most photographed; it is located in the original post office. The store is manned by Ivan Farrington, who dresses as the devil himself to greet tourists who arrive to purchase postcards and other Hell-related gifts, from hot sauces to T-shirts. Be sure to step out back behind the shops for a look at the hellish rock formations.

And, yes, you'll find churches in Hell. Save a few minutes for a look around this quiet, charming community.


To visit Hell, follow West Bay Road north from Seven Mile Beach to the intersection of Town Hall Road. Turn right on Town Hall Road then continue to the intersection of Hell Road. Turn left and continue to this small town.

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