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George Town Dive & Snorkel Sites

George Town has a wealth of good dive sites, all easy to reach.

The Black Forest
Beautiful black coral and waving gorgonians make this site indeed seem like the Black Forest. Located at 60 to 100 feet, this wall dive is just off the South West Point. It is not accessible as a shore dive.

Eden Rocks & Devil's Grotto
Eden Rock Dive Shop on South Church Road is the entry point for one of George Town's most popular dive sites. Eden Rock and the Devil's Grotto, about 150 yards from the shore, are shallow dives. Both are a labyrinth of grottos running out from the shore. Eden Rock is popular not only with divers but also with snorkelers who enjoy the easy entrance and a view of the tunnels and often large tarpon. Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto have a depth of 30-50 feet.

Japanese Gardens
Located off the reef at South Sound, just east of George Town, this dive lies 30 to 60 feet below the surface and is often recommended for beginning divers. Like a little bonsai forest, the area is dotted with staghorn corals and is a good site for underwater photographers.

Parrot's Reef
Parrot's Reef and nearby Sunset Reef (see below) are just yards from shore. Parrot's Reef has a depth of 30-60 feet.

Smiths Cove
Although often considered a snorkel site only, Smiths Cove on South Church Street just south of George Town is an easy shore dive as well. The reef starts a few feet from the surface and divers can also explore the West Wall from here.

Soto's Reef
Offshore from Soto's Dive Center, this shallow site is also popular with snorkelers.

Sunset Reef
Just offshore of the Sunset House Resort, this site is a popular stop for divers wanting to do some underwater photography.

The Wreck of the Balboa
The hurricane of 1932 accounted for the wreck of this freighter, which today lies 25 to 40 feet below the surface. Some of the ship is still intact, although parts of it were blown away to clear the traffic channel. This is a popular night dive, offering a manageable depth (during daytime hours, this site sits right in the George Town Harbour waterway, making it too busy). Rich with marine life from corals to sponges to brilliant parrotfish, this is one of Grand Cayman's top dive sites.

Wreck of the Cali
Save the Cali, located in just over 20 feet of water about 100 feet offshore, for your departure day when you can't scuba dive. It's a great snorkel experience and a good way to finish off your Cayman vacation.

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Photo courtesy Cayman Dept. of Tourism

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