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Atlantis Submarine, Grand Cayman

Wonder what lies beneath the surface of those waters surrounding Grand Cayman? Thanks to the Atlantis Submarine, there's a way for non-divers to find out. The 48-passenger Atlantis submarine provides a peek at Grand Cayman's underwater world in safe, air-conditioned, comfort. You'll travel to 100 feet below the surface with a narrated view of coral gardens, sponge gardens, the undersea wall, and more.

You purchase tickets at the headquarters located just south of the cruise ship terminal on Harbour Drive in George Town. The dive takes about 50 minutes but the total tour time is 1 hour and 40 minutes. To reach the submarine, you'll board an open-air boat and travel out to the dive site just off George Town's shore. Once on the sub, bench seating runs the length of the sub and all visitors have a porthole from which to enjoy the underwater scene.

Bring along your camera on this fascinating tour, but make sure you can turn off the flash. If you are shooting film, load film with an ASA rating of 1000.

After viewing the marine life, don't be surprised to see some human life forms approaching the submarine... these are the Atlantis divers. Wearing armored wetsuits to protect against fish nibbles, they feed clouds of hungry fish and provide good photo opportunities.

Location: Harbour Dr., George Town

Website: Atlantis Submarine

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